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Current Release: 0.5.1

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Summary Icon Download Instructions

In order to install Shadow Watcher you must first do several steps (as of the current build 0.5.1)

System Requirements:

Any decent computer (even a 486 will do)
Python 1.5.2 or Higher
Intrusion Detection/Firewall logs of the supported types

1. Download/Install Python  

You must download and install Python, which is located here:


2. Download & Extract ShadowWatcher  

Download from:

FTP Site
SourceForge Release Page

3. Edit the file sw.conf  

In the [Database] section, modify LogFiles to point to your logfiles.

4. Run ShadowWatcher  

At the command prompt:

Change to the directory you extracted Shadow Watcher to:

On Windows:

< Python Directory>\python.exe

On Linux:


5. Rehash the log files  

At the (sw) >> prompt, type rehash

That's it! Your ready to start searching the network. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at


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